Office, Medical, and Industrial Representation

Whether it’s the new healthcare mandates or the simple fact that our population is aging, one thing is certain; medical office leasing is one of the fastest growing segments of Commercial Real Estate. In any venue, whether it’s traditional medical office buildings and hospital annex’s, or non-traditional retail oriented buildings, you need an experienced team to both find the best locations as well as to make sure you get the fit out and infrastructure your practice needs.

Building owners and managers need to recognize that today’s medical service tenant is an important dynamic in the proper tenant mix on any property. Our team has decades of experience and hundreds of successful deals integrating retail into medical office environments, as well as medical services into retail environments.

Based on demographics alone we are just at the beginning of the Baby Boomer medical office Real Estate Boom, never mind the additional medical office needs mandated by government expansion of medical services. The numbers don’t lie. Over 75 million “Baby Boomers” are moving past middle age. More than 60% have been diagnosed with a “condition” requiring at least occasional medical monitoring. Over 77% of the prescription drugs are purchased by this group.

We recognize the complexity and challenges of physician/landlord relations to both our healthcare clients and building owners. Our leasing specialists have the experience to guide both parties through the multitude of special considerations unique to medical office leases. Whether it’s construction issues, access issues, or lease language typical of these transactions, we are experts at identifying markets, selecting appropriate real estate, and working with both parties to reach a true win-win deal. Our goal is to help you provide convenient healthcare services our communities need while making sure both parties enjoy lucrative sustainable deals.

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