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“Share your success and help others succeed. Give everyone a chance to have a piece of the pie. If the pie’s not big enough, make a bigger pie.” – Dave Thomas, Founder Wendy’s

First, some advice. If you need a webmaster make sure you hire a good Irish one. Wayne is the most persistent yet patient taskmaster, his job is like herding kittens. He’s got to make a bunch of independent hard charging and ADD suffering agents and brokers focus on details such as prop photos, site plans etc. He’s worried about content and we are all worried about deals, often we don’t appreciate how important it to orchestrate both. His biggest challenge is a CEO who needs to be focused on all that stuff and more.

I meant to write this blog on January 1st but got distracted, WHAT A YEAR!!.

We “turned on the lights” only 1 year ago. Look at the numbers:

  • 28 agents/brokers
  • 7 states
  • 2 million + sqft of property represented
  • 9 great retailers

When Brooke and I first sat down and started to formulate the plan for Arrow I knew we would be successful but I never dreamed we would grow at the rate of
1 new associate every 2 weeks. Its so gratifying to spend your life in an industry, have an idea about how to do something different then have it be embraced by so many great people and be so successful.

Who would have thought that providing state of the art support and the highest commission structure (in some cases double) in the business would result in explosive company growth. I hate to make projections but its hard not to. Even If we grow slower this year than we did last year, we will be over 50 agents/brokers active in over 12 states. Honestly, I almost have that much in the pipeline now and its only February.

Stop by Turner Square Shopping Center on Thursday February 28th 11:30, for our open house, have lunch on us and see how we did it. Check out the great new tenants coming into West Goshen Center and see if the few spaces we have left will work for your clients. We can also talk about the possibility of doubling your commission rate or having our motivated agents lease your property.

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