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By Arrow guest blogger Theresa Sablosky

The term “Support Our Troops” is often heard; but what does it mean? How does that translate into action? Some put a flag up and call it a day. Other will fill out a card at the airport USO to wish a military person happy holidays. Still others will buy a service member a cup of coffee, or a meal, shake their hand and say the usual “Thank you for your service”. All of these are great things to do; however Arrow prefers a more hands-on approach.

Putting Arrow’s commitment to give back and “leave the campground better than we found it” into action, several Arrow team members gathered in Doylestown on Saturday, November 7, 2015 for a special event that is near and dear to my heart. The goal was simple: to pack as many care boxes for deployed United States Marines as we had supplies.

When you pack a box for a military person, certain items, such as toothpaste are desired or needed. All items are bagged to protect them with the hope a few things get to their destination intact. As you pack the box, you reflect on how they will react on getting it: do they like Clif bars? Are they a sunflower seed fan? Will they enjoy that flavor of Mio? And do they really eat ALL that beef jerky? Will they be excited because it’s the first box they’ve gotten? Or are they one of the lucky ones, with a supportive family who send them things? Will they share with their fellow Marines who haven’t received anything?

At least, that’s what goes through my mind. Having a Marine son in the infantry has been a life-changing event. I have made it through boot camp, training and the first deployment. You learn to function with a huge piece of your heart missing. Every MoM (Mom of Marines) will tell you the key to staying on this roller coaster ride is to keep busy, pray a lot and pack care boxes.

I have learned people really want to help. They love to donate, (especially toothbrushes and toothpaste!). I have learned to ask for help, donations, card and letters. Giving to others feels good; giving to our troops feels great!

The end result of Arrow’s efforts on Saturday is 96 boxes on their way to our deployed United States Marines, plus a Sailor and two Airmen. Hopefully, they will enjoy knowing that somewhere in Pennsylvania, a group of real estate professionals donated their time and money to “Support Out Troops”.

Once again, Arrow has left the campground a little bit better.

P.S. If you ever want to pack a box, let me know!

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