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Arrow Real Estate Annual Halloween Party | Arrow News

Just a few weeks ago, the Arrow Real Estate Services team and friends and families gathered at Sean and Theresa Sablosky’s home in Doylestown, PA for our annual Halloween Party. The place was packed on Saturday, October 21st  for Arrow’s annual costume party.  This year’s theme was “Heroes and Villains,” and we let the true personalities come out!  Our Agents and friends put on some of the best costumes yet, with awards to those who put in the extra effort. The party kicked off with delicious appetizers by Memorable Affairs and bar tending from our well-loved Ivy Benita. Our Arrow Real Estate Services Ice Sculpture, crafted by Frank from Frank’s Ice, made a striking centerpiece for some of the tasty appetizers. Dinner was held outside, thankfully the weather cooperated, and we were all able to sit down to a wonderful buffet style meal. Sean Sablosky presented awards during dinner to an anticipating crowd for the best dressed heroes, villains, and couples’ costumes.

Many people ask why Arrow hosts a Halloween party, instead of the more traditional holiday party in December. We want our agents to be able to be able to be on a personal level with their clients and to be free to network during that time of the year, so we choose not to compete for party dates and times. In addition, who doesn’t love the opportunity to dress up in costume, drink, and be scary! Stephanie Reed, our Operations Director / Sales Associate, says “Every year it’s a blast, and its great seeing everyone come together with Halloween cheer. The costumes get very competitive. Next year Steph Thomas and Mike are going down!”

Halloween would be incomplete without the candy, of course. Theresa did a terrific job of finding every possible well-loved candy; from the classics, to the oldies, to the sensations. The candy table was an alluring sight to take in! Who said trick-or-treating was just for kids?

CEO and Founder, Sean Sablosky, said, “This year’s party was the best yet, great food, over the top costumes, a fun time was had by all. It’s always good to see the Arrow team at this event, we work hard and play hard. Of course, featuring the best office staff in the business, superheroes and Angels, except for one devil.”

The party was a huge success and a fun opportunity to mingle among friends and family in the industry. Thank you to all who came out and boogied, we hope to see you next year!

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