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Arrow celebrates it’s 3rd annual Summer Soirée | Events

Arrow celebrates it’s 3rd annual Summer Soirée at the home of Sean and Theresa Sablosky.

Perhaps Susan Winitsky put it best in describing the delicious Summer Soirée put on by Sean and Theresa Sablosky for Arrow Real Estates Services.

”The whole affair was better than a wedding reception,” said Susan, wife of Arrow Principal Partner Bob Winitsky.

 Indeed. Over 70 clients, friends and associates of the rapidly growing commercial real estate company took part in a feast of both food and friendship at the Doylestown Sablosky home.


“It was the best party yet,” said Principal Partner Doug Stewart, who attended with his wife Cindy. “There was an energy and enthusiasm there that keeps growing every year, its very exciting. As we grow larger year after year we continue to gel as a team. There was a lot of synergy and excitement.”

“As usual, with Sean the evening was both elegant and casual,” Bob said. “It was a warm and inviting environment.”

Sean, who created Arrow with co-founder Brooke Henningsen in February 2012, said “ it’s important to take time and come together away from work to celebrate our success. Arrow’s company philosophy is that we don’t spend a lot of time socializing in the office. We find that we serve our clients better when we are meeting on a site, looking for sites or tenants and generally on the road. It’s important to bring everyone together a few times a year to catch up socially. The dynamic of having the whole company, everyone’s family, and clients together away from work is an integral part of the spirit of Arrow.”


And while the night was a terrific opportunity to network and catch up with business associates, there was also the food, catered by The Waterwheel Restaurant.

Jumbo shrimp cocktail and Colossal crab meat displayed in custom carved ice bowls, along with baked Clams Casino. “Those weren’t shrimp,” Bob joked of the monster crustaceans.
There were baked mini-Brie puffs with raspberry sauce, Sesame chicken skewers with peanut sauce, pulled pork salad, scallops wrapped in bacon.
 Did we mention the scallops in bacon?

Dinner included Jamaican jerk chicken, mini-pork shanks braised in pineapple glaze, baked fillets of Mahi-Mahi and hand carved Caribbean grilled flat bottom roast beef marinated in apple, shallot and ginger ale marinade.

Even Doug, a vegetarian, “found plenty to eat,” and quite content at the dessert bar, where he dived into the ice cream from O wow Cow Creamery.
”My favorite part was the sundae bar,” he said. “What was the name of that local dairy? It was awesome.”

During dinner, Sean took a moment to name Sales Associate.


Damon Di Placido the 2014 Recipient of the Arrow Real Estate “On Target” Award for overall deal making and work in implementing design and content improvements for the Arrow web site and marketing materials.

“I love networking events,” Principal Partner Russ Menk said. “I am old school and prefer face to face meetings. Our Arrow party accomplishes that plus much more. It is a great opportunity to blend some pleasure with a little business. Getting together with fellow agents and their significant others, along with a few of our clients and developers that we do business with, is a great way to thank them for the opportunity to be of service to them.”


Sales Associate Robbie Betesh, who attended his first Soirée with his wife Rachel, said it was an opportunity to catch up with other agents you might not normally get to see, and to meet potential new agents, developers, and other brokers.

”Sean and Theresa are such gracious hosts,” he said. “Everything was so well put together. Sean is obviously very generous.”

Bob called the event “a chance to say thank you to the people we do business with and the people who make up the Arrow family.”

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