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Leaving the campground better than we found it | Charities

As my Partners and I began forming Arrow, we had a goal in mind of reinventing the genre of a real estate services company. Not only rethinking the technical aspects of the company but also the organization, structure and philosophy. Our fundamental belief that if you give your dealmakers fair and non-onerous, non-restrictive contracts. Give them complete state of the art support, incorporate efficiencies that allow them to keep the vast majority of their commissions and fees in their pockets. We could create the most productive, highly motivated dealmaking team in the business. And it looks like it worked, we’ve added incredibly high caliber people almost every week so far.

One unanticipated side effect of attracting all these forward thinking, entrepreneurial dealmakers was that I discovered this exceptional team we have assembled all had a strong belief that it was our responsibility to leave our communities far better than we found them. After spending over 30 years in the business of developing and leasing commercial real estate in the Delaware Valley I’ve always been proud of the fact that if done right our industry constantly improves the communities we do business in. During my lifetime I’ve seen thousands of jobs created by building, leasing and operating commercial and residential developments. Initially it’s the desk jockeys doing studies, preparing contracts plans and getting permits. Then the tradesmen doing the real work and finally the retailer’s staff and support people and the developer’s maintenance and administrative staff. All along the line these people are shopping in stores, dining in restaurants and buying homes in the communities that we touch. In some cases actually creating communities where none existed or replacing defunct older disused properties with vibrant new ones.

Recently at a dinner to benefit the Thorncroft Therapeutic Equestrian Program I invited as many members of the Arrow team as could make it to enjoy the evening. During that evening we started talking about other charities and initiative we all supported. I was so impressed with our team’s participation at every level in an impressive array of worthwhile causes. Between donating money and actively volunteered time and effort to organize events and help run the administration of organizations, I was impressed with their dedication to worthwhile causes.

I decided it should become a cornerstone of Arrow’s corporate philosophy and fundamental goal to do everything possible to make sure that we leave the communities that we live and do business in better than we found them. To borrow a term used frequently by campers and hikers we are committed to “leaving the campground better than we found it”.

Arrow will do business in such a way as to make sure that not only the individual dealmakers and customers/clients are enriched by the transaction but that it will be done in a fair, honest and equitable way. We will strive to make sure that the community also benefits in some way from each transaction by creating the highest and best use for the subject property and hopefully creating jobs and value.

Arrow also commits to contributing a portion of all fees and commissions collected back to our communities and world by supporting charities important to the Arrow team. The Arrow team will be mutually supportive of each other’s charities and participate personally when possible in each other’s efforts.

We will all work individually and collectively toward “leaving the campground better than we found it”.

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